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Skincare can be intimidating and it can be an expensive process to find the right regimen that will suit your skin. Everyone has different skin and only you know exactly what your skin needs. We wanted to simplify the process and create skincare that caters to sensitive skin, is effective, high quality, sustainable, organic and free from preservatives and parabens – without breaking the bank! After over a year of formulating and testing, we are proud to have created our first product; the Facial Polish. All our products are owned and manufactured in Queensland, Australia and hand-made in small batches for quality assurance.

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What is A-Beauty?

Australia’s approach to skincare is similar to Australian culture. It’s laid back, simple and relaxed. We believe “less is more” and we embrace native and high-performing natural ingredients. A-Beauty promotes effective, simple formulas that are effortless and require less complex routines and steps to achieve results – this saves you time and money! A-Beauty believes in natural beauty which means putting your skin first.

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