Responding to Covid-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Codi Skin has taken critical steps to prevent transmission and protect our customers. We have implemented preventative measures such as thorough hand washing as well as regular use of hand sanitiser and wearing PPE when handling any raw materials and products.

When COVID-19 placed Australia into a 3-stage lockdown, we made the conscious decision to delay our launch in order to switch production from making facial polish to cotton face masks and donate them to those in need across Australia. Studies have shown that 100% cotton face masks are 70% effective and more breathable than a surgical mask. Adding a filter will increase it’s effectiveness.

Codi Skin is proud to have donated over 100 cotton face masks and we will continue to create and donate more when we're able. You can make your own using this tutorial or grab one off us FREE if you live in the Brisbane (North) area. Please note, we have a limited number remaining but are working on making more.

Stay safe, apply social distancing and practice good hygiene. Let's do what we can to help flatten the curve.

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