"How is Codi Skin doing?"

"How is Codi Skin doing?"
I need to address something really quickly and be as honest and transparent as I possibly can be. I created this brand out of affordability, to offer the world something that worked for my skin and that fit within the busy and chaotic #mumlife schedule.

I have been extremely quiet on this website and on social media because I have shifted my priorities and balancing #mumlife and entrepreneurship has been a challenge. It will be my final year as a stay-at-home-mum before my daughter starts prep next year. I know I will be a total mess when the time comes!

Sales are inconsistent so I still freelance as a content creator and in digital marketing. I am also in the process of taking over the management of another small business which has added to my time being split between so many different projects.

This means that instead of focusing on the retail side of Codi Skin, I have moved to focus on wholesaling and now have two stockists on board while I figure out how to free up more time to give Codi Skin more quality time without feeling burnout.

Future of Codi Skin?
I am in the process of formulating a new product to add to our inventory. It requires a lot of research, a lot of trial and error, a lot of testing and a lot of tweaking until I get it absolutely right and ready to launch. I am so passionate about creating and I am so excited to release the next product in our range as soon as it's completed!

Codi Skin going global?
Yes! This is coming and hopefully sooner rather than later. My vision for Codi Skin is to take it internationally and as soon as travel is permitted, it will be next on the agenda.

Thanks so much for reading this. Codi Skin was created for its longevity, for us busy parents who are time poor and to give you peace of mind that no matter what time it is, our skincare will deliver great results, every single time.

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