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Facial Polish - FULL SIZE

This product is absolutely amazing on the skin and leaves you feeling fresh, I definitely loved the feeling of having smooth skin. During the pandemic we have had to wear face masks all day at work and with that comes a lot of sweat and breakout, but with the Codi facial polish any breakouts that have occurred were easily recovered and leaving my face feeling amazing again. Thank you Camille for this amazing product xx

Facial Polish - Full Size
Elaine Villaflor

I am a healthcareworker working shift work, busy mom with 3kids and my go to skin care routine is almost next to nothing so…

- first and foremost - i always look for products that weren’t time consuming with easy steps and instructions!
- love the pour and add water to the consistency you would want! no dipping your fingers in or using special little spoons!
- never liked masks because i found it messy -- but THIS MASK is not messy, not drippy, and not flakey!
- only needed a thin layer to give a mask effect and i was suprised on how it clung onto skin without the messiness of it all! so props to no need for special robes or towels around your neck for residue or dry bits falling and messing up your sink! have 3kids so to be able to have this on and still walk around was a +++ for me =)
- finally - i wasnt sure what “polish” effect was until i washed it off and wow!! face was nice and smooth, not dried out at all and gave it a soft feel and my face looked a lot brighter!
- im a healthcare worker and wear n95 for 8-9 hours and the moist around my face and breakouts have surfaced! and using this product has prevented further breakouts!
-will continue to use this essential easy skin care routine! amazing product versatile, amazing and easy to use for working moms with 3kids!
- I am all go for SIMPLE & EASY! absoulutely love it!

My go to face polish

I did not expect my face to feel so soft and smooth after the first use. I had to refrain myself from constantly touching my face. Been using it twice a week for 3 weeks now and it's become part of my skincare routine. Thank you for making an amazing product and one that's affordable too.

Facial Polish - Travel Size
Algernon & Sofia

We tried codi for almost a week now and have some feedback on what we noticed. Swelling or redness on pimples reduced after one use it helps with exfoliating dead skin without over scrubbing… noticed that it helps in restoring the skin’s glow.

Easy to apply on the go and has that great natural smell when you apply onto your face. I really liked the facial polish because I have quite sensitive skin and other physical exfoliants tend to be too rough and irritating. This was nice because the particles are fine they exfoliate gently but effectively... I really liked that you can change how much water you added to the product so you can adjust how scrubby it was.

My goodness the facial polish is amazing!!! It’s so quick and easy to use and it left my skin feeling so soft, smooth and looking fabulous!!! Definitely a new go to product for me.

Such a good product highly recommend.

I love your product… my skin feels incredible.

It’s amazing! My skin felt so soft afterwards!!

I love the face polish. I've only used it once but my face was feeling so smooth even into the second day!

Loved the consistency and the exfoliation!! My face felt so smooth after without feeling tight or dry!!

Facial Polish - Full Size
Marija Williams-Ford
Best product I've used

By far the best facial product I've used. Is so easy to put on and not messy at all to take off. Leaves my skin feeling so smooth and looking so youthful. I'm obssessed!!

Love this product!! First use and my skin felt amazing. Definitely recommending it to all my friends and family.

IM OBSESSED! Codi Skin gives you the ultimate feeling of freshness! My skin never felt and look this good!

Codi Skin is #1! I've been using it for almost 3 months and with the hot weather, it is really good when you use it, you feel fresh! And my skin is really super clean and exfoliated. I highly recommend! Say goodbye to pimples.

My thoughts about the product:
- I love that it is enclosed in a bottle with a water resistant label. It has this typical powdery scent that other clay masks have.
- Tried mixing it with water & I DID A PATCH TEST FIRST. You can watch the IG TV Video that I’ve prepared.
- I wore it for five minutes only. No drying effect or breakouts after the wear.
- Honestly, I’m not a fan of clay mask, but this face polish is very interesting. I would want to finish the bottle up to achieve the resuts it aims for. However, I’m loving this product. Gotta do more clay masking soon!


My Thoughts:
- OK, so, tbh I'm really lazy when it comes to powdered wash-off masks bec I don't like to measure and mix things (at least when it comes to masks), so I was really glad when I saw on the label that you don't really need a bowl and spoon for this. You can just use your palms, pour the contents there, and add water or floral toner and you're all set!
- Even if it's a power mask, it does not dry me out--but I also don't leave it on for longer than 10 minutes or so bec I know my skin can be quite sensitive to this kind of mask if I'd do that.
- Since you can just use your palms,how much you'd use will also depend on you so you can either use a lot and make it mud-like, or use just a bit--it really depends on what you want and need.
- I like how my face feels smooth and shine-free (but not "dull") after using this. I also noticed that it helps lighten or minimize pimples, too.
- The bottle is kinda small, but for me, I think it might last a while bec I don't really use a lot so that's fine.
- No artificial scent, which is great, but it also has its own natural scent (not a fan of it, but it's fine. I can live with it).
Over-all, I think it's a really nice wash-off mask and I do think it's worth trying.


Organic Ingredients, cruelty free and Australian made?! What more can you ask for? It’s great on sensitive skin, easy to apply on the go and has that great natural smell when you apply onto your face.

Epic!!! Really feel refreshing and no breakouts.

It felt great! My skin felt cleaner and tighter and I felt refreshed after.

It felt really good on my skin, my skin felt so smooth, I don’t feel dry after using the face mask.

It’s really good. My skin feels so smooth and hydrated.

I love it, I use it when I need a skin detox.

My skin felt so soft after the first use. It’s good. I have very sensitive skin and it worked for me.

I’ve been using it once a week! I’ve never really done face masks before but I like it. It really makes my face smooth afterwards and I have sensitive skin as well and have no reactions.