Launching a skincare brand during a pandemic

What were we thinking? Am I crazy? Well, if you read through our Codi journey story, you might think I am... just a little bit. I may have indulged in too many motivational quotes and books that promoted to “just start” no matter the circumstance you’re in. Now, here we are, there is a global pandemic, my anxiety is in overdrive and I finally managed to convince myself to “just start” and finally launch this baby.

I am petrified, COVID-19 has affected so many families and businesses. Our household was affected with reduced working hours but we continue to count our blessings. Restrictions, border closures and CovidSafe regulations have shown us a new way of life. It definitely takes a toll on your mental health and well-being. I had to take a break from news and social media as my eyes would fill with tears as I try to explain to my daughter what’s going on in the world. We’ve all come to know someone personally who has been affected or indirectly affected by this pandemic and we can never forget the lives that have been lost.

Success is what you make of it. We’ve come to learn this pandemic isn’t going anywhere. We’ve all had to adapt and overcome. It also helps that I am surrounded by so many supportive, positive people who only want to see you succeed. I encourage anyone who is on the fence about doing their own thing, don’t let this pandemic stop you and “just start”! It’s empowering.

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